Fire District Info

The Los Altos Hills County Fire District (LAHCFD)

The District was formed by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and ratified by resident voters in October 1939.  It serves the residents of Los Altos Hills and the unincorporated areas known as Loyola, Los Trancos Woods and San Antonio Hills.  The district consists of a seven member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Supervisor for this district.

The District’s mission is to protect lives, property and the environment through education, prevention and emergency response services by: protecting residents from fires, natural disasters and hazardous material incidents; providing emergency medical advanced life support services; preventing fires through prevention and education programs; providing Personal Emergency Programs (PEP).  These services are provided by ten-year contracts with the Santa Clara County Fire Department (SCCFD), which is internationally accredited.

In addition, the District provides free services to the public, consisting of: dead tree removal; brush chipping; weed abatement; yard waste disposal.  It spends $2M per year on these services.  At the same time, it incorporates capital improvements to the system by replacing fire hydrants and old pipes, as well as fuel reduction and firebreaks.  During the summer it has extra crews to supplement staff.

Throughout the year, as part of an ongoing effort to prepare residents and communities, the Fire Department has meetings on Wildfire Preparedness.  Content from the Ready, Set, Go program, including information about maintaining defensible space, establishing action plans, preparing emergency kits, how to stay informed and when to evacuate in the event of a wildfire with emphasis placed on life safety and early evacuation are presented.

It also has classes in Personal Emergency Preparedness and CERT classes for residents interested in becoming a CERT volunteer. Information can be found at their website,, under heading Education and Preparedness.

The District’swebsite has pages with topics, classes, events to achieve its mission to support, promote, partner with its emergency preparedness programs.  Check it out at  From this website there is a link to the Santa Clara County Fire Department for more information.