SAN ANTONIO HILLS, INC. HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (Founded in 1941 – Incorporated in 1947) —

The Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Country Club area of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and is the sponsor of the Approval Committee as represented in the CC&Rs in area deeds of the ENTIRE Los Altos Country Club area, and in CC&Rs civil matters including those houses now within the adjacent city limits. Your Directors represent your interests in matters of mutual concern in dealing with adjacent cities and Santa Clara County, as well as interpreting CC&Rs.

To our neighbors that are now part of Los Altos Hills, remember that your property deeds contain CC&Rs that remain enforceable, and are administered by the Approval Committee that remains part of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Hills, Inc.  We acknowledge that we no longer speak on your behalf in neighborhood city matters. However, the civil CC&Rs on your property remain in effect.  We thank you for your continued support.

We thank all our members who, though unable to attend the Annual Meetings, send in their proxy and dues.  A quorum is required of all resident members, along with all owners with Standard CC&Rs or all acreage having CC&Rs.


2021 Annual Meeting Update         

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the 2021 Annual Meeting was cancelled.  The 2022 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16th

The San Antonio Hills Board of Directors has remained active, in spite of the limitations imposed by Covid-19.  Board of Director meetings are being conducted using teleconferencing instead of meeting in person.  The primary focus of the Board of Directors has remained the review of construction projects in San Antonio Hills, communicating with both departments and officials of Santa Clara County on items like street maintenance and traffic signs, and working to address and resolve neighborhood issues.

The Board welcomes Bridget Morgan to the Board.  Bridget is a longtime resident, and we look forward to working with her.  She is coordinating the effort in San Antonio Hills to address SB9 and SB 10 issues.