SAN ANTONIO HILLS, INC. HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (Founded in 1941 – Incorporated in 1947) —

The Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Country Club area of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and is the sponsor of the Approval Committee as represented in the CC&Rs in area deeds of the ENTIRE Los Altos Country Club area, and in CC&Rs civil matters including those houses now within the adjacent city limits. Your Directors represent your interests in matters of mutual concern in dealing with adjacent cities and Santa Clara County, as well as interpreting CC&Rs.

To our neighbors that are now part of Los Altos Hills, remember that your property deeds contain CC&Rs that remain enforceable, and are administered by the Approval Committee that remains part of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Hills, Inc.  We acknowledge that we no longer speak on your behalf in neighborhood city matters. However, the civil CC&Rs on your property remain in effect.  We thank you for your continued support.

We thank all our members who, though unable to attend the Annual Meeting, sent in their proxy and dues.  A quorum is required of all resident members, along with all owners with Standard CC&Rs or all acreage having CC&Rs.






Wednesday February 12, 2020 – 7:30 – 9:00 PM

Los Altos Golf and Country Club

1560 Country Club Drive


Whereas on or before January 31, 2020, in accordance with the By-Laws and CC&Rs, the Directors did cause to have placed in the U.S. mail the announcement of the date of the Annual Meeting, Election of Directors, and other meeting business, to ALL residents of San Antonio Hills, Inc., and other owners of property affected.


If you are unable to attend, please complete the Proxy to ensure a quorum for the business meeting.  An envelope has been provided for your use to return your proxy and dues.  However, if you are attending, you may pay your dues at the door.

WELCOME    to all residents of the Los Altos Country Club area, which is bounded by Foothill Expressway, Magdalena Avenue, Ravensbury Avenue, Rancho San Antonio Park and Permanente Creek.

 The Association’s annual dues are $40.00.  The Association has yearly expenses, i.e. mailing of the newsletters, annual meeting, insurance and miscellaneous items.  To fund the yearly expenses, it is necessary that the Association receive the annual dues of $40.00.  Please make your checks payable to San Antonio Hills, Inc.

ATTENTION             Parking at the Los Altos County Club can be accessed from either Loyola Drive or Country Club Drive.  The Club does not permit denim jeans in the clubhouse, and cell phone usage is restricted to the parking lots.  As a guest of the Club, we ask that you please comply with their requirements.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Meeting Highlights


Nelson Hansen


SAH, Inc.


Richard Blanchard

What You Can Do Before

The Lights Go Out

Valerie Negrete

County of Santa Clara

New Construction Requirements

for Accessory Dwelling Units


Supervisor Joseph Simitian

County of Santa Clara County Update



Annual Meeting Agenda

Wednesday February 12, 2020

7:00 – 7:30 PM      – Sign in, pay dues, and enjoy coffee, cookies and conversation with your neighbors and friends.

7:30 – 9:00 PM      – Call meeting to order

– 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

-Treasurer’s Report

– Election of Directors

– Speakers

 With a great deal of sadness, the Board needs to replace Peter McSweeney, who passed away this past November.  He will be missed by all.

 In compliance with our By-Laws, the board is searching for an eligible resident to represent the Topar area.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact Nelson Hansen, 650-941-5406.

Board of Directors Election           There will be an election of three (3) directors for a two (2) year term each.  You may present nominations from the floor or prior to the meeting, call Nelson Hansen, 650-941-5406, with your nominees.  Nominated members must be in good standing and sympathetic to the mission and the By-laws of the association.  They must also reside in the appropriate area.

Following is the slate of nominees and their present position:

Vacant                      Director                                                                                     (lower)

Ida Crawley               Membership                               Frontero Avenue             (lower)                    650-941-7346

Glen Balzer               Treasurer                                    Magdalena Avenue         (upper)                    650-917-0703

Nelson Hansen           President                                    Oakridge Drive               (lower)                    650-941-5406

Directors with one year remaining are:

Ted Brown                Director                                     Country Club Drive        (lower)                    650-948-6954

Richard Blanchard     Vice-President                            Mora Drive                    (upper)                    650-948-3073

Todd Trowbridge       Secretary                                    Par Avenue                    (upper)                    650-949-1059

Lee Shahinian            Director                                     Country Club Drive        (lower)                    650-948-1917

Katherine Wurzburg   Director                                     Terrace Drive                 (lower)                    650-949-3100



SAH Association Report  –  Nelson Hansen, President

Introduction of Board Members, Review of Board Activities in 2019 and introduction of the speakers.

What you can do before the lights go out (due to a power outage) – Dick Blanchard, Electrical Engineer

The past two years have seen a large increase in both the frequency and the severity of power outages in California.  Many of these power outages are the direct result of fires that have occurred in regions between where the power is generated and where it is used.  The next few years promise a continued high level of power outages, since little is actually being done to address the problem.  This presentation discusses the cause of these power outages and several options that can be taken by individual homeowners to reduce or eliminate the problems that can occur when a power outage occurs.  Topics to be discussed include solar, battery or generator power, as well as a combination of these options.

Dick is a long time resident of San Antonio Hills.  He has served on the San Antonio Hills Board of Directors for more than 25 years and is a past president.  He has degrees in Electrical Engineering from both MIT and Stanford University.  His professional interests are in the area of power semiconductor devices, where he has a number of US Patents.

Santa Clara County Planning Department         Jacqueline Ociano will introduce the staff members:  Joanna Wilk, Leza Mikhail, and Valerie Negrete

New Construction Requirements for ADUs and Jr. ADUs     Valerie Negrete, Associate Planner

A series of California State Laws went into effect on January 1, 2020, concerning Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), and are intended to provide affordable housing within existing neighborhoods on existing legal lots.  They may be attached or detached, and may be newly built space or converted space.  An ADU is required to have its own living, sleeping, cooking, eating, and sanitation facilities, including a full kitchen and a bathroom.  Under these new laws, deed restrictions and HOA rules that ban ADUs are void.  However, restrictions that do not unreasonably affect construction costs or prohibit ADUs are allowed.  Most of San Antonio Hills has its own unique “n-1” zoning, but is also located in the unincorporated Santa Clara County.  As such, San Antonio Hills will be affected by these ADU laws.  Valerie will provide an overview of the new ADU laws and their potential impact on San Antonio Hills.

Valerie Negrete, has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from San Jose State University, Urban Planning Department.  Her work experience includes 9 years with the County of Monterey, 2 years with the City of Gilroy and now more than 3 years with the County of Santa Clara.

A brief question and answer period will follow the presentation.  She and the other members will remain after the meeting to answer more questions.

Supervisor Joe Simitian, Fifth District, and Past President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, will attend the meeting.  He will be accompanied by key members of his staff as well as representatives of various county departments, including Roads, Planning and Building, Fire and the Office of the Sheriff.  He will begin with a presentation on how county government affects SAH.  He will field questions from the floor, directing the questions to the appropriate county representatives.


Articles of Interest

2019 Activity Review

The Board meets on a regular basis to conduct routine business and to address matters from the neighborhoods.  Following are some highlights.

Country Club New Pro Shop     The meetings that the SAH Board attended with the County and the Country Club resulted in a design change.  Plans have been approved by the County, and construction will begin soon.

 Noise from Low Flying Airplanes   The information on this remains the same.  The entire flight path matter remains with the FAA, and decisions are still pending.

Development on the Los Altos side of Loyola Corners       The City of Los Altos has agreed to purchase the small lot on 999 Fremont Avenue.  Plans for the lot have not been decided.  Why is it important to SAH?  The main concern would be the usage of this parcel in the City of Los Altos future plans for traffic flow on Miramonte, A Street, Fremont Avenue, and Loyola Bridge.  The Board will continue to monitor the City’s plans for this important area of usage by our SAH residents.

Website                           Maintained and updated our website.

Vegetation Control          The Board worked with the County Roads Department to clean up the overgrown entrance at Magdalena and Country Club, and with the City of Los Altos concerning the area near the entrance to Foothill Express and Granger Avenue.  The Board worked with neighbors to ensure that overgrown vegetation was cleared from roadsides for driving safety.

Ordinances                  Accessory Dwelling Units, ADUs – The Santa Clara County Planning Department will make a presentation on this new ordinance at this meeting.  The Board will monitor the progress until it’s approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Tree Preservation and Removal Ordinance Revisions             At this time, this ordinance has not been adopted, and no fixed time line is known.  The Association will receive public notices for both the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor’s hearings when they are scheduled, and will participate in the hearings.  A summary of this ordinance can be found on our website, under resources, topics of interest.

If you want more information on any ordinance or are concerned about an apparent violation of an ordinance, please call the Santa Clara County Planning Department at 408-299-5770, and ask to speak to someone in Code Enforcement.


The Association welcomes the following County Personnel, who give of their personal time to be at our meeting to meet the members and to answer their questions. 

Supervisor’s Office     Candace Joy and Kristine, (Kris) Zanardi, Policy Aides

County Counsel         Elizabeth Pianca, Lead Deputy County Counsel

Roads & Airports       Harry Freitas, Director

County Fire Department:        Tony Bowden; Fire Chief; Brian Glass, Assistant Fire Chief; Julie Linney, Deputy Chief

Office of Planning and Development            Jacqueline Ociano, Director; Joanna Wilk, Associate Planner; Leza Mikhail, Zoning Administrator and Principal Planner; and Valerie Negrete, Associate Planner

Consumer & Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA)        Michael Balliet, Director


In Memoriam

Peter McSweeney was passionate about this area, and spent many years serving this community.  He served as a SAH Board member for more than 40 years, including the positions of President, Vice President, County Liaison, Historian, and Member of the Approval Committee.  He interfaced with SCC Planning Office providing information to proposed changes of county ordinances, as well interfacing with the cities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. He developed and evaluated surveys to understand the opinions of SAH residents on annexation to Los Altos or to Los Altos Hills.


Reminder        Please drive safely through our neighborhood, and remember to keep your doors locked and alarms on when you leave your house.  Call the sheriff’s office when someone or something seems out of place.  The deputies would rather come out on a false alarm than miss someone trying to commit a crime.

Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office phone numbers:  Emergencies or Suspicious Activity call 911; to call 911 from a Cell Phone:  408-299-2311.  Non-Emergencies:  408-686-6600               They welcome your call.

New Resident              San Antonio Hills is your Homeowners Association.  This meeting is your opportunity to meet your neighbors, and for us to meet you.  If you received this newsletter addressed to resident or incorrectly addressed, please help us to bring our records current by putting your name on the mailing envelope, noting whether you are an owner or tenant.  If you are a tenant, also include the owners’ name and address.  Please return it in the enclosed self addressed envelope.

Don’t forget to mail in your dues of $40.00 and proxy.  –  Thank you.


Visit our website,, for information about your community.