SAN ANTONIO HILLS, INC. HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (Founded in 1941 – Incorporated in 1947) —

The Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Country Club area of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and is the sponsor of the Approval Committee as represented in the CC&Rs in area deeds of the ENTIRE Los Altos Country Club area, and in CC&Rs civil matters including those houses now within the adjacent city limits. Your Directors represent your interests in matters of mutual concern in dealing with adjacent cities and Santa Clara County, as well as interpreting CC&Rs.








Our Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Los Altos Country Club area.  Additionally, it is the Sponsor of the Approval Committee as indicated by the CC&Rs in the deeds of the entire Los Altos Country Club area, as well as adjacent areas.  This committee is responsible for dealing with violations of the CC&Rs of the restricted parcels.  Deed restrictions are a civil neighborhood responsibility and not government regulations.

To our neighbors that are now part of Los Altos Hills, we remind you that your property deeds contain CC&Rs that remain enforceable, and are administered by the Approval Committee that remains part of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Hills, Inc.  We acknowledge that we no longer speak on your behalf in neighborhood city matters.  However, the civil CC&Rs on your property remain in effect.  We thank you for your continued support.

We thank all our members who, though unable to attend the Annual Meeting, sent in their proxy and dues.  A quorum is required of all resident members, along with all owners with Standard CC&Rs or all acreage having CC&Rs.





Annual Dues        SAH membership is open to owners/residents and non-owner residents.  The dues cover our yearly expenses: support of the approval committee, newsletters, postage, insurance, appeals, forms, annual meeting, legal fees and website.  Make check payable to San Antonio Hills, Inc.  An envelope is provided for your convenience.   Thank you.                                                                  2018 Dues    $40.00


If you received this newsletter addressed to Resident, it is due to the fact that we do not know the present owner or tenant at this address.  Please help us to bring our records current by putting your name on the mailing envelope, noting whether you are an owner or tenant.  If you are a tenant, include the owners’ name and address.  Please return it in the enclosed self addressed envelope.  Your assistance in helping to keep our database current is appreciated.




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In the Newsletter

Annual 2018 Meeting & President’s Report             Fire Prevention and Safety Presentation

Representatives for Joseph Simitian


Report of the Annual Meeting held on February 28, 2018

The meeting was opened by Nelson (Nick) Hansen.  Pete McSweeney verified that quorums existed necessary to conduct the annual meeting.   Nick introduced the present Board members and their duties.  The minutes of the 2017 annual meeting were read and approved.  Glen Balzer presented the 2018 Treasurer’s Report.

Election of Officers    San Antonio Hills includes two areas separated by I-280.  The area below consists of two thirds of the residents and the area above consists of the balance.  The nine members are distributed to match the population: six living in the lower with three in the upper.  Both areas are divided geographically as well as by population to fully represent all residents.  When a seat becomes vacant, the Nominating Committee seeks a resident that lives in the unrepresented area, supports the CC&Rs, and interested in maintaining the character of SAH.

The following nominated Directors were elected to fulfill a two (2) year term:

Peter McSweeney     County Liaison, Historian           Topar Avenue                 (lower)                   948-4783

Ida Crawley              Membership                                Frontero Avenue             (lower)                   941-7346

Glen Balzer               Treasurer                                    Magdalena Avenue         (upper)                   917-0703

Nelson Hansen         President                                     Oakridge Ave                 (lower)                   941-5406

Directors with one year remaining are:

Lyle Hornback          Director                                      Mora Court                       (lower)                 948-3197

Ted Brown                Director                                      Country Club Drive        (lower)                   948-6954

Richard Blanchard    Vice-President                            Mora Drive                     (upper)                   948-3073

Todd Trowbridge      Secretary                                     Par Ave                           (upper)                   949-1059

Lee Shahinian           Director                                      Country Club Dr             (upper)                   948-1917


The meeting began with the speakers, and Nick said that the speakers and county personnel would remain for a short time after the meeting to answer further questions.


President’s Review           Nick Hansen quickly reviewed the 2017 activities that were listed in the 2018 annual newsletter:  Attended the City of Los Altos’ meetings on Loyola Corners; worked with County to improve road conditions (overgrown lots, road signage, street striping, Utility cover leveling); attended air flight noise meetings; work with owners to maintain building standards in our neighborhoods.  He updated the status of fixed license plate readers.  The City of Los Altos Hills is no longer pursuing the installation of the readers.  He reviewed items that the Board will monitor in 2018.  Two are County Ordinances: Wireless Communications and Tree Preservation and Removal.  Information of these ordinances was part of our 2018 annual newsletter, which is now available on line.  The last item is the Los Altos Golf and Country Club pro-shop expansion.  The Board will work with the Club and the County to ensure building standards and CC&Rs are followed.



Fire Prevention and Safety Presentation    Assistant Fire Chief Tony Bowden introduced two other members:  Fire Chief Ken Kehmna and Fire Captain Bill Murphy. Captain Murphy participated in the presentation concerning possible wild fires, their prevention, and safety (prevention) for our area.  Tony began by telling us that year 2017 was the most destructive in State’s history.  In years past, there were a few months off between seasons.  This is no longer the case partly due to urban sprawl that is closer to forests and grass areas and to lack of rain that causes trees to die and become fuel for the fire.  Most fires are spread by blowing fire embers that the wind carries from one place to another.  Following are highlights of their presentation.


Homes that are within 1 mile of a natural area are close to the interface area and ember zone.  Low vegetation and shrubs near the house as well as large trees moves the fire along.  Fire embers enter the home through the air vents along the roof line.  What to do?


Fire Prevention and Safety Presentation – continued


Fires are wind driven and “climb up ladders” of fuel such as grass, shrubs, and trees, onto homes.  A homeowner should determine their defensible space; which is divided into two zones.  Zone One:  0 to 30 feet – remove all dead vegetation, trim trees.  Zone Two:  30-100 feet – keep grass cut and create space between large trees and shrubs.


There are other ways to protect your homes: put screens on all vents; trim low hanging branches over roofs; remove dead trees; keep the roof and gutters clear of debris; trim tree branches that touch the ground – branches should be about 15 feet from the ground; plant fire safe landscaping.  It is also important to have good street access to your house and house number clearly visible from the street in order for fire personnel to locate the house easily.


It’s important to have an evacuation plan and to discuss it with your family.  Have a plan that includes the “Six Ps”:  people, pets, papers, prescriptions, personal computers, plastic credit cards/ATM.  Create an evacuation check list.  Assemble an emergency supply kit for each person in the house.  Have a communication plan – phone numbers, meeting places.


When to Leave?  Evacuation Warning:  you may have 1-2 hours before being impacted by the fire and Evacuation Order:  your life is in danger and need to leave NOW.  However, if you feel threatened then leave.  Review your plan, load your emergency supplies and evacuate early.  If you feel trapped, stay calm and stay together in an area clear of vegetation, and/or stay in your house or car closing all windows and vents.  Call 911.


It is also important to have another way to leave your home.  Most of us drive in and out of our area the same way.  Have a second route planned in case the first is blocked.


Tony said that another means to receive alerts is to sign up for AlertSCC.  Alert SCC is a mass notification system that sends emergency information and instructions to anyone who lives or works in Santa Clara County by sending messages to phone numbers or on other devices.


He advised that the Los Altos Hills County Fire District (LAHCFD) provides other free services to residents, such as free dead tree removal.  To learn more about the district, the services they provide and classes go to their website:


Representatives for Joseph Simitian and Santa Clara County


Supervisor Joe Simitian was not able to attend this year.  His Policy Aide, Kristine Zanardi said that this year Joe was elected President of the Board of Supervisors as well as being involved in a committee to address issues between counties and the federal government.  The committee was now in Washington, D. C.   She stated that his office is here to help his district residents with their questions and concerns.  She has worked with him for 3 plus years and has attended our meetings with him.  He always enjoys coming to our meetings, and she does too.  She introduced other county staff:  Kristina Loquist, her colleague and a fellow Policy Aide to Supervisor Simitian; Rob Eastwood, Planning Manager, Planning Department; Leza Mikhail, Planner, Planning Department; Jo Zientek, Director, Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency; and, Elizabeth Pianca, Lead Deputy County Counsel, Office of the County Counsel.


She introduced Captain Urena from the Sheriff’s Department who spoke briefly.  He said that the department enjoys coming out and meeting the residents.  Lately it has been boring in our area, which is a good thing because the residents didn’t have many reasons to call.  He responded to the following questions.  Mail Theft:  Mail theft starts to pick up around mid-November through January.  He recommends a locked mailbox over a non-locked one, saying a thief will pick the easiest to open every time.  Also, pick up your mail as soon as possible.      House Break-Ins and Burglaries:  There were a number of these over the past several months and that one person was in custody, and they knew who the others were – just a matter of catching them.  Where to Mount Cameras:  It’s best to cover the driveway and the street, and not a neighbor’s house.  A resident can call to have a security assessment done by the sheriff’s department, and that neighbors can join together to have a broader range of coverage.  He reminded us that Santa Clara does not issue solicit permits, and to always call if you have concerns.      All deputies now wear body cameras, and that Supervisor Simitian was instrumental in obtaining them.  If you feel that an encounter with a deputy was not handled properly, please phone the Sheriff’s Office West Valley Patrol Division, and ask to speak with a supervisor 408-868-6606.


Kristine then introduced Harry Freitas, Director of Roads and Airports.  Harry said he recently replaced Michael Murdter as Director.  He introduced members of his team, who have been working with our association for many years:  Jose Vega, Operations Supervisor, and Sadegh Sadeghi, Senior Civil Engineer.   He introduced a new way to submit a service request from your mobile device.  They have an App for that:  Download the Mobile Citizen App to your devise, take a picture of the issue and submit it.  The Mobile App is directly linked to the County’s internal Maintenance Management and Work Order System.  It’s available at the Apple store or Google play.  He left information on the app and the department for pickup after the meeting.  You can go directly to their website: to report problems as well, and to learn about road closures and lane restrictions as well as current projects.



Last, but not least, Dell Bleiler, a long time resident, wanted to share with the other members an item he recently purchased from Costco.  It’s a set of three portable lamps, about eight inches tall; that are powered by batteries for about $30.00.  The lamps are dual purpose: as solid lamps that can be used if power is lost or as flashing red lamps for emergency purposes, i.e. outside a car.  Thank you Dell for coming to the meeting and sharing your discovery.


Meeting was adjourned and county staff and the board remained to answer questions.


The Association wishes to thank the following County Personnel, who, each year, gives of their personal time to be at our meeting. 

Supervisor’s Office     Kristine Zanardi and Kristina Loquist, Policy Aides

Roads & Airports      Director Harry Freitas; Jose Vega, Road Operations Supervisor, West Yard.; Sadegh Sadeghi, Traffic & Electrical Operations, RDA

Sheriff’s West Valley Patrol:    Division Commander Rich Urena

County Fire Department:    Fire Chief Ken Kehmna, Fire Captain Bill Murphy, and Assistant Fire Chief Tony Bowden

County Counsel’s Office:         Elizabeth Pianca, Lead Deputy County Council

Office of Planning and Development   Rob Eastwood, Planning Mananger, Leza Mikhail, Principal Planner

Consumer & Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA)    Jo Zientek, Director




We Need Your Help To Keep Our Database Current   If you are moving out of San Antonio Hills, please take a moment to let us know, and if possible, include the name of the new owners.  Please send an e-mail to       Thank you.


The San Antonio Hills inc. Home Owners Association is your window to community activities, safety and construction compliance. So join today and your inputs will help make our community a better place to live.



The 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for February 13th

Please remember to return your $40.00 dues.  An envelope is provided for your convenience.


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