SAN ANTONIO HILLS, INC. HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (Founded in 1941 – Incorporated in 1947) —

The Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Country Club area of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and is the sponsor of the Approval Committee as represented in the CC&Rs in area deeds of the ENTIRE Los Altos Country Club area, and in CC&Rs civil matters including those houses now within the adjacent city limits. Your Directors represent your interests in matters of mutual concern in dealing with adjacent cities and Santa Clara County, as well as interpreting CC&Rs.


2017 Annual Newsletter —


Wednesday February 22, 2017 – 7:30- 9:00 PM

Los Altos Golf and Country Club

1560 Country Club Drive


If you cannot attend, please complete the Proxy to ensure a quorum for the business meeting. An envelope is provided for you to return your dues and proxy.                                                        If you are attending, you may pay your dues at the door.


Whereas on or before February 10, 2017, in accordance with the By-Laws and CC&Rs, the Directors did cause to have placed in the U.S. mail the announcement of the date of the Annual Meeting, Election of Directors, and other meeting business, to ALL residents of San Antonio Hills, Inc., and other owners of property affected. 

WELCOME to all residents of the Los Altos Country Club area, which is bounded by Foothill Expressway, Magdalena Avenue, Ravensbury Avenue, Rancho Park San Antonio and Permanente Creek.

New Residents – San Antonio Hills is your Homeowners Association. This meeting is your opportunity to meet your neighbors, and for us to meet you.


Parking at the Los Altos County Club can be accessed from either Loyola Drive or Country Club Drive. The Club does not permit denim jeans in the clubhouse, and cell phone usage is restricted to the parking lots. As a guest of the Club, we ask that you please comply with their requirements. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Meeting Highlights

Nelson Hansen

President’s Report


David Kornfield

Planning Service Manager

City of Los Altos

Loyola Corners Status

Martha M. Corioso

Interim Superintendent II

California Water Service

Water Main Upgrade

Representative for Supervisor Joseph Simitian

County Update


Annual Meeting Agenda

Wednesday February 22, 2017

7:00 – 7:30 PM      – Sign in, pay dues, and enjoy coffee, cookies and conversation with your neighbors and friends.

7:30 – 9:00 PM      – Call meeting to order

– 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

-Treasurer’s Report

– Election of Directors

– Speakers

Board of Directors Election

There will be an election of five (5) directors for a two (2) year term each. You may present nominations from the floor or call Peter McSweeney with your nominees. Nominated members must be in good standing and sympathetic to the mission and the bylaws of the association.

Following is the slate of nominees and their present position:

Lyle Hornback             Director                                              Mora Court                       (lower)               948-3197

Ted Brown                  Director                                              Country Club Drive            (lower)               948-6954

Richard Blanchard        Vice-President                               Mora Drive                        (upper)               948-3073

Todd Trowbridge         Secretary                                             Par Avenue                        (upper)               949-1059

Lee Shahinian              Director                                              Country Club Drive            (lower)               948-1917

Directors with one year remaining are:

Peter McSweeney         County Liaison, Historian              Topar Avenue                (lower)                   948-4783

Ida Crawley                 Membership                                        Frontero Avenue            (lower)                   941-7346

Glen Balzer                 Treasurer                                             Magdalena Avenue         (upper)                   917-0703

Nelson Hansen             President                                             Oakridge Ave                (lower)                   941-5406

Annual Meeting Speakers

Nelson Hasen – Association Report – Introduction of Board Members, Review of Board Activities in 2016, and introduction of the speakers.

David Kornfield will talk about the updated plans for Loyola Corners. David Kornfield, a Los Altos native, practices Advance Planning in Los Altos as its Planning Services Manager.   He received a bachelor of arts in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz with an emphasis in public policy and planning. He landed his dream job as a planner with Los Altos in 1991. He is passionate about housing and urban design. He created the City’s first multiple-family affordable housing regulations as well as the guidelines promoting the Village character. He has managed numerous developments including two award winning commercial projects: the David and Lucile Packard Foundation building in Downtown Los Altos, and the Colonnade mixed-use building on El Camino Real. He is an expert in wireless communication regulations creating the City’s first guidelines for such technology. He recently chaired the Santa Clara County Association of Planning Officials.

Martha Corioso will report the progress on the work being done on Loyola Dr., Esberg Rd, Mora Dr, Terrace Drive and Lundy Lane to update the water mains, as well as plans to repave the roads. Martha Corioso is part of a team whose responsibilities include planning, supervision and oversight for California Water Service (Cal Water) Main Replacement Program in the Los Altos Suburban District. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State University and a Grade II Water Distribution and Water Treatment certification from the State of California. She has been a part of the Cal Water team for nearly eight years, starting in Customer Service, working in the field, and in 2015 became one of the initial managers in the district’s Main Replacement Program.

Supervisor Joe Simitian is not able to attend the meeting this year due to a conflict in his schedule. A representative from his office will be present to explain the role of the Supervisor’s office and how they can be of help. Also present will be representatives from Roads and Airport, Planning, Code Enforcement, and Safety. A person from each department may say a few words as appropriate, and to answer questions after the meeting.


Annual Dues Increase

The Association has yearly expenses: mailing of newsletters, annual meeting, insurance for directors, Approval Committee expenses, and other miscellaneous items. The Approval Committee expenses consist of correspondence, duplication, research as to development, redevelopment and expansion of CC&R parcels, right of ways and easement.   Over the past several years, these costs have increased. In order to meet the increased costs and fund the yearly expenses, the Board proposes a modest increase of $5.00 for annual dues of $40.00, commencing with this fiscal year. Please note that the last increase was in 1999.   Please make your checks payable to San Antonio Hills, Inc..


Articles of Interest

Santa Clara County’s Street Easement Right-of Way

In order for Santa Clara County to maintain the streets in San Antonio Hills (SAH), a street easement right of way was required.Excluding a few private streets, most streets in SAH are forty (40) feet wide. The center of the road divides the street into twenty (20) foot sections. All these streets, from the center of the road to twenty (20) of all properties is the County’s right of way. Private streets are maintained by the property owner.

Exceptions to the Width of the Easement       1400 to 1600 Arbor Avenue is 50 feet wide; therefore the right of way is 25 feet from the center of the road. The right of way for properties along Magdalena, a small portion of Country Club and Frontero Avenues is fifty feet (50).

Tree Maintenance in the County’s Right-of Way

There are many trees along the side of our streets. If the tree sits less than twenty (20) feet from the middle of the road, the tree usually is in the easement. Generally, the County has the responsibility to maintain the trees that it owns. However, in certain areas, tree maintenance has been transferred to a third party by means of a Landscape Maintenance Agreement, (LMA), which is supervised by the County.

If a tree or tree branch has fallen, possibly causing damage to property, the County must examine each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not the County is responsible for removal of the fallen tree and/or damage to property.

In the event of a fallen tree or tree branch in the County right-of-way, the first step is to submit a Service Request on Roads and Airports Department website, or call the West Maintenance Yard 408-366-3100. Upon receipt, the system will automatically generate a Work Order for a tree crew to respond to the site as soon as practical to determine responsibility and best way to proceed. If a property owner incurs damage from the fallen tree or tree branch, a claim can be filed through the County of Santa Clara Clerk of the Board. You can access the claim form at the following link:

Loyola Avenue Intersection Changes

Residents have expressed their frustration about the merging traffic where Loyola, Country Club, Arbor and Terrace meet. After discussion with our Board, County Traffic will implement a few changes to improve the flow. You will see white barrier stripes along with a Stop painted on the cross street near the base of the triangle and a Merge at the point of the triangle where Country Club traffic enters the intersection.

Rules of the Road in a controlled (stop signs) and uncontrolled area (merging streets) state “that you must yield to the vehicle on your right.” A Yield sign will be added to refresh everyone’s memory. A similar rule applies to stopping at a stop sign and proceeding only when it is clear and safe to do so. Where Stop Signs are present on all streets entering the area, vehicles which have stopped must yield to the through traffic. Drive carefully. These changes have been implemented and should increase the safety at this intersection.

Refuse and Recycle Containers

This information is a brief description of the Santa Clara County Solid Waste Program Ordinance, Section B11-189 Refuse Container Requirements; item g. It is the responsibility of the residents to place all containers on the street as instructed by the Garbage Company not more than 24 hours before the time of pickup and to remove the containers within 24 hours after collection. The containers must be stored in a less conspicuous area of the residence so not to create a nuisance to other neighboring residents.

2016 Activity Review

The Board meets on a regular basis to conduct routine business and to address matters from the neighborhoods. Following are some highlights.

Street Lights – A number of the street lights in San Antonio Hills were either burned out, or were blocked by vegetation, which can be a safety issue. The responsible party or organization was contacted to address the problem. Residents can directly report problems with street lights.   Information on how to do this can be found on our website, under “resources” then “topics”. PG&E is in the process of replacing the street lights in our area using high efficiency LED bulbs. County Roads Department can be called to trim county owned trees in the right of way; 408-366-3100 or you can place a Service Request on the Roads and Airports Department website,

Overgrown Lots – Lots overgrown with weeds were reported to the Weed Abatement Department of the County.

Utility Cover Leveling – Following the repaving of our roads, the utility covers were below the new surface. The locations of the utility covers that needed to be leveled were provided to the Roads and Airports Department; most of the covers have been repaired.

Improved Signage – “Yield” or “Stop” signs that would improve safety and traffic were reported to Roads and Airports.

Street Stripes Painted – Stripes were painted at specific locations to limit parking at dangerous spots. Stripes are also used where there isn’t a stop sign. The white line is a reminder where streets enter main thorough fairs.

Loyola Bridge – San Antonio Hills worked closely with Roads and Airports in the design phase of the new Loyola Corner/Foothill Expressway Bridge.

Loyola Corners – Board members attended meetings regarding the City of Los Altos modification of the Loyola Corners Specific Plan, and supported the Los Altans for Neighborly Development (LAND) group.

Neighborhood Construction – The approval Committee continues to work with owners’ on construction projects to maintain building standards and CC&Rs in our neighborhoods.

Air Flight Noise – Board members attended the FAA sponsored meetings to remain up-to-date on this issue and to provide information on neighborhood concerns.

Corners with Reduced Visibility – A number of street corners that have visibility obstructed, making them unsafe, were identified and reported to Roads and Airports for improvement.

Orthodox Church of the Redeemer – Board members attended numerous meetings concerning the Church’s expansion plans to add a school building and expand other structures.


Reminder – Please drive safely through our neighborhood, and call the sheriff’s office when someone or something seems out of place. Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office phone numbers: Non-Emergencies: 408-686-6600   Emergencies or Suspicious Activity call 911; from a Cell Phone: 408-299-2311. They welcome your call.

Don’t forget to mail in your dues and proxy. – Thank you.