SAN ANTONIO HILLS, INC. HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (Founded in 1941 – Incorporated in 1947) —

The Association represents the homeowners of the unincorporated Country Club area of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills and is the sponsor of the Approval Committee as represented in the CC&Rs in area deeds of the ENTIRE Los Altos Country Club area, and in CC&Rs civil matters including those houses now within the adjacent city limits. Your Directors represent your interests in matters of mutual concern in dealing with adjacent cities and Santa Clara County, as well as interpreting CC&Rs.

To our neighbors that are now part of Los Altos Hills, remember that your property deeds contain CC&Rs that remain enforceable, and are administered by the Approval Committee that remains part of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Hills, Inc.  We acknowledge that we no longer speak on your behalf in neighborhood city matters. However, the civil CC&Rs on your property remain in effect.  We thank you for your continued support.

We thank all our members who, though unable to attend the Annual Meeting, sent in their proxy and dues.  A quorum is required of all resident members, along with all owners with Standard CC&Rs or all acreage having CC&Rs.







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In the Newsletter –

  • Annual 2019 Meeting Report
  • Ms. J. Logan’s Review of the LAHCFD & Fire Department           
  • Captain Urena’s Review of 2018 Activities
  • Supervisor Joseph Simitian            
  • Mr. Brian Samuels,Los Altos Country Club

 Report of the Annual Meeting held on February 28, 2018

The meeting was opened by President Nelson (Nick) Hansen.  Quorums necessary to conduct the annual meeting were verified.  The minutes of the 2018 annual meeting were read and approved.  Glen Balzer presented the 2018 Treasurer’s Report.  A copy will be included with the 2019 minutes.

Election of Officers     San Antonio Hills includes two areas separated by I-280.  The area below consists of two thirds of the residents and the area above consists of the balance.  The nine members are distributed to match the population: six living in the lower with three in the upper.  Both areas are divided geographically as well as by population to fully represent all residents.  When a seat becomes vacant, the Nominating Committee seeks a resident that lives in the unrepresented area, supports the CC&Rs, and interested in maintaining the character of SAH.

Prior to the election of officers, Nick thanked Lyle Hornback for his many years of service on the board, and wished him well.  He then displayed a slide that showed our area and how it was broken down into nine sections.  Each section has a board member who resides there.  He introduced each member according to their section, noting that Katherine Wurzburg was replacing Lyle Hornback.   He then asked if there were any nominations from the floor.  There were none.

The following nominated Directors were elected to fulfill a two (2) year term:

Ted Brown                      Director                                Country Club Drive         (lower)                   948-6954

Richard Blanchard           Vice-President                      Mora Drive                      (upper)                  948-3073

Todd Trowbridge            Secretary                               Par Ave                           (upper)                  949-1059

Lee Shahinian                 Director                                Country Club Dr              (lower)                   948-1917

Katherine Wurzburg        Director                                Terrace Drive                  (lower)                   949-3100

Directors with one year remaining are:

Peter McSweeney            County Liaison, Historian      Topar Avenue                 (lower)                   948-4783

Ida Crawley                     Membership                         Frontero Avenue             (lower)                   941-7346

Glen Balzer                     Treasurer                              Magdalena Avenue          (upper)                  917-0703

Nelson Hansen                President                               Oakridge Ave                  (lower)                   941-5406

The meeting began with the speakers.

President’s Review:  Nick first reviewed two ordinances that were being updated in 2018: Wireless Communications and Tree Preservation.  A description of the ordinances were described in our 2017 annual newsletter, as well as posted on our website.  He said that the former was adopted on in May 2018, and does not impact our area.  The latter is still under review, and the board will participate in hearings.  He said that the board attended hearings for the Community Preservation Ordinance that also has little impact for our area.  A recap of this ordinance was in the 2018 annual newsletter and will be on our website soon.  He briefly described other activities: attended the City of Los Altos planning meetings regarding Loyola Corners; worked with owners on new projects in our area to maintain CC&Rs; worked with the Los Altos Country Club pro shop expansion.  Our newsletters can be found at our website,, under news/archives.

Ms. J. Logan began by asking a question of the audience, “after entering this room, how many of us checked to see where the exit doors were”. She said very few do, and that it’s important to know this information in case of an emergency.  It is also good to have the same information when you park your car.  She then proceeded with her presentation. She told us that the Los Altos Hills County Fire District (LAHCFD) was formed by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and ratified by resident voters in October 1939.  The District serves the residents of Los Altos Hill and the unincorporated areas known as Loyola, Los Trancos Woods and San Antonio Hills.  The district consists of a seven member Board of Commissioners appointed by Supervisor Joe Simitian.  Melvin Vaughn is the Commissioner for our district.  There is a vacancy at this time.  If you are interested, you can visit the LAHCFD website. She introduced Deputy Chief John Justice; Fire Captain Bill Murphy, and Deputy Chief Brian Glass.

She said that the District’s mission is to protect lives, property and the environment through education, prevention and emergency response services by:   protecting residents from fires, natural disasters and hazardous material incidents;   providing emergency medical advanced life support services;   preventing fires through prevention and education programs;  providing Personal Emergency Programs (PEP).  The District provides these services with ten-year contracts for service with the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  The present contract runs from 2017 – 2026.  The Fire Department is internationally accredited.

In addition, the District provides free services to the public, consisting of:  dead tree removal; brush chipping; weed abatement; yard waste disposal.  It spends $2M per year on these services.  At the same time, it incorporates capital improvements to the system by replacing fire hydrants and old pipes, as well as fuel reduction and firebreaks.  During the summer it has extra crews to supplement staff.

Ms. Logan then reviewed what actions residents undertake to be prepared.  First is to be ready.  The Santa Clara County Fire Department offers several training programs, i.e. Ready, Set, Go and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  She briefly described the Ready, Set, Go program.  Each family should evaluate what items to take if need to evacuate – make a list and location; review exit routes; reach out to neighbors.  Our new board member, Katherine Wurzburg, said that she and her husband used the information available on the Fire Department’s website to learn how to prepare for possible evacuations.  A question was asked as to when you should leave. Captain Murphy answered when you see fire.

Another action is to sign up for AlertSCC.  It is a free, easy, and confidential way to have emergency warnings sent directly to your cell phone, mobile device, email, or landline to provide information and instructions in emergency situations, such as flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, public safety incidents affecting your neighborhood as well as post disaster information.

The District’s website has pages with topics, classes, events to achieve its mission to support, promote, partner with its emergency preparedness programs.   Check it out at  From this website there is a link to the Santa Clara County Fire Department for more information or go direct:

Captain Richard Urena began his presentation by saying that his deputies patrol the area from Foothill Expressway to Ravensbury Avenue and Magdalena Avenue.  They also serve Los Altos Hills and Cupertino.  The majority of the calls to the sheriff’s office is for burglaries and for mail theft, which leads to access to accounts and identity theft.  He reviewed the residential burglaries over the last ten years.  The number ranged from a low of four in 2010 to a high of nineteen in 2016.  The last two years there was a decline in numbers: nine in 2017 and 8 in 2018.  (Four of these eight were in homes near, but not in San Antonio Hills.)

He said that the department does data analysis of the burglaries to determine the circumstances: Time of Dayand Method of Entry.  The analysis revealed the following.

Time of Day:      Work Day 7AM-5PM – 25%        Evening 5 PM-12AM – 12%        Early Morning 12AM-7 AM – 13%  Unknown/Multiple Days – 50%

Method of Entry:     Broken Glass / Door – 37%    Open/Unlocked Window –13%           Open Garage Door – 13%Open/Unlocked Door – 37%.

Residents can help to keep burglaries at low numbers by locking up their homes when they are not at home.  It is also a good idea to keep the garage doors closed when you are home.  He said that a Telsa was taken when the residents were at home.  Luckily, they were able to locate the car quickly.  Cars should be locked if they are outside.  Installing alarms and cameras is also beneficial.

He reviewed what a resident should do if leaving town: let your neighbors know; place a hold on mail and newspapers; request a patrol check; activate your alarm and notify the company; and do not post your plans on any social media sites.  He said that deputies need our help to catch the bad guys.  If you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to contact the office:  non-emergency: 408-299-2311 or 911 for an emergency.

Santa Clara County District 5 Supervisor Joseph Simitian began by saying that he was glad to be with us again after missing last year.  He was in Washington, D.C., and would have preferred to be here.  He said that he has been our representative for 22 years starting in 1987, first as our supervisor, then 12 years in the state legislature, and again as our supervisor. He told us that Santa Clara County has 5 supervisors, each representing about 500,000 residents, employs 20,000 employees and has a budget of 7 billon dollars, providing many services and benefits to the residents, i.e. hospital and medical facilities, a welfare to work program, and protection by the Sheriff’s Department.

He began his introduction of staff by first saying that Kristine Zanardi, who usually accompanies him, was not present this evening – a night off.  He then introduced Kristina Loquist and Candace Joy, who reminded him about the sign-up sheets for anyone interested in receiving newsletters from his office. The sign-up sheets were on the table in the back of the room. He introduced Michael Balliet, with the Department of Environmental Health, and Joe proceeded to tell us about an app he likes that was made available from this department.  It helps users find the ratings of restaurants.  The country club’s main dinning room restaurant had a rating of 100; while a restaurant just down the road, he didn’t want to mention the name, had a rating of 65.  Of course, that’s not all this department does.  He then asked personnel from the Planning and Roads and Airports departments to introduce themselves.

He said he likes working with the association’s board members.  His staff and other department personnel inform the association about department activities and changes that could impact our area and request their input. On other occasions, it’s the board that contacts his office.

He said that the County is a complicated bureaucracy and challenging to navigate, and that his staff can help you navigate the system.  Please call his office at 408-299-5050 or use the web at  The staff will assist you finding an answer.  He enjoys working with his staff, which is committed to public service. Mr. Simitian remained after the meeting to talk to residents.

A list of the county personnel who attended is listed below.

Country Club Presentation: Mr. Brian Samuels, Chairman of the Pro Shop Building Committee for the Golf and Country Club, provided a short presentation on the club’s latest project: the addition of a new pro shop and indoor driving range. The club has strived to be a good neighbor, and has worked with the association on this latest project.  The club does not have the space for an outdoor driving range.  The indoor range will use latest technology and the golf carts will be parked underneath the building.  He showed slides of before and after photos of the work that will be done along Loyola Drive as well as the buildings.  He has been working with Valerie Negrete of the Santa Clara County Planning Department, and both were available after the meeting to answer questions.

Meeting was adjourned. The county staff and board members remained to answer questions and visit.

The Association wishes to thank the following County Personnel, who, each year, gives of their personal time to be at our meeting. 

Supervisor’s Office    Candace Joy and Kristina Loquist, Policy Aides

Roads & Airports       Dan McNulty, Road Operations Supervisor, West Yard; Roberto Salinas, Associate Civil Engineer; Clarence Salima, Associate Civil Engineer

Sheriff’s West Valley Patrol:      Division Commander Rich Urena

County Fire Department:          Deputy Chief John Justice; Fire Captain Bill Murphy; Deputy Chief Brian Glass.

Office of Planning and Development     Rob Eastwood, Planning Manager; Valerie Negrete, Associate Planner

Consumer & Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA)       Michael Balliet, Director

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The 2020 Annual Meeting is scheduled for February 12th.

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