Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the unincorporated area in matters of mutual concerns with Santa Clara County.  Directors are elected each year at an annual meeting. They also attend County meetings and hearings in order to respond to members’ concerns.

Contact information for the Board of Directors for San Antonio Hills Homeowners’ Association:

Name Phone Address Position
Nelson Hansen 650-941-5406 Oakridge Avenue * President
Richard Blanchard 650-948-3073 Mora Drive * Vice President
Todd Trowbridge 650-949-1059 Par Avenue * Secretary
George Mellis 650-544-4234 Topar Avenue * Treasurer
Ted Brown 650-948-6954 Country Club Drive Director
Ida Crawley 650-941-7346 Frontero Avenue Membership
Bridget Morgan 650-948-4793 Eloise Circle Director
Katherine Wurzburg 650-949-3170 Terrace Drive Director