Intersection Issues

The major intersection at the Northbound off ramp from Interstate 280 onto Magdalena has been of concern to several users. If you travel that road and would like to share your thoughts on a better working configuration than currently at this exchange, you may share them with John Thomas of Catrans at (510) 286-4603.

The CHP also reminds us that when stopped at a Stop sign, you must wait until it is safe to enter the roadway. This is especially important at intesections like Country Club, Arbor and Loyola where stop signs are placed a long way back from the road.

Share the Road

Share the Road is more than a phrase. It is a requirement in the narrow San Antonio Hills roads. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists all share the same roads.

Pedestrians should walk near the side of the road, (not in the middle of the lane), facing traffic. During dusk and night hours, they should wear light colored or reflective clothing, and carry a flashlight; moving it from side to side so that they can readily be seen by others.

Bicyclists must follow the rules of the road, and ride with traffic in the same lanes used by motorists. During the night hours, the bicyclists should also wear light colored or reflective clothing. Their bikes should have operating head and tail lights. Some roads have a white stripe which marks the edge of the road. This is not a path or a bike lane unless so designated by signage. It is there to help in foggy conditions and during night hours.

Motorists must be aware of others sharing the road, and adhere to the speed limits as posted. Motorists should expect that radar will be used from time to time as posted and drive defensively and cautiously to avoid incidents and traffic tickets.

Thanks for your cooperation.