San Antonio Hills, Inc. – Our History

Today this organization offers assistance and advice regarding problems arising in your area concerning the welfare of the residents. To contact San Antonio Hills, Inc. simply click on the Contact page to find the phone numbers of the Board of Directors.

The area now known as San Antonio Hills, Inc. is sometimes referred to as Los Altos Country Club Properties or a portion of the Hale Ranch subdivision.

On or before April 1925, Los Altos Country Club Inc. tract developers placed covenants and restrictions in the deeds of properties sold. These specified minimal building setbacks and proper residential use of the property. These restrictions expired in 1941, 15 years after they were established.

Prior to December 1941, residents of the tract formed a property owners association and undertook the drawing of more strict and specific restrictions. They endorsed the new existing county zoning and added other specifics to new CC&Rs. The resulting covenants provided for the formation of the Property Approval Committee. From 1941 through 1948 it is understood that this Association was successful in having a majority of property owners (by area) in the tract sign the Covenant Agreements.

March 7, 1947 was the first meeting of homeowners for the purpose of establishing a new association for the community. The name San Antonio Hills, Inc. was selected and the organization established By-Laws Revisions and boundaries. Membership application forms were drafted a few days later along with a Resolution of Intent of Corporation.

A second membership meeting was held on April 1, 1947. A letter was drafted and sent on April 15, 1947 by the L.A.C.C. Property Owners appointing a committee to study new measures for solving mutual problems. An association seemed the best solution so dues were established at $18.00 or 10% of property taxes. On April 30, 1947 the Hale Ranch Property Owners representative presented the newly found organization with $118.30 and announced that all their future activities would be continued by San Antonio Hills, Inc.

On April 29, 1947 the digest of restrictions was compiled. In August the Los Altos Golf & Country Club joined San Antonio Hills, Inc.

San Antonio Hills, Incorporated became a non-profit corporation to “Further and advance general community interest and public welfare in all matters of common concern, including, but not by way of limitation, such matters as roads, transportation, public utilities, community health,
recreational and educational facilities and other civic improvements”.

Major efforts were made by the organization to combine property approval committees in the area. The committees of Los Altos County Club Properties, Hale Ranch Subdivision, Mora Ranch Subdivision all merged to be the San Antonio Hills, Inc. Property Approval Committee.

The first recognition of authority came in May of 1948 when the Santa Clara County Planning Commission revoked a building permit when San Antonio Hills, Inc. indicated violations.

By 1952 the Property Approval Committee had encountered numerous legal activities, created its own letterhead and was active in enforcement of the regulations. The chairman of the Board of Directors for San Antonio Hills, Inc. resigned.

In late 1952 the board proposed there be only one organization and that five members of the Property Approval Committee be members of the Board. This proposal was approved along with a reduction of dues to 8% of tax bill or $10.00 and only one name for the organization at the February 3 annual meeting.

The notes from 1954 to 1976 are below. Little information is available with the exception of activities regarding the formation of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, Inc. and the question of annexation of San Antonio Hills, Inc. into either Los Altos or Los Altos Hills. Zoning density has always been a deciding factor against annexation.

Other subdivisions joined San Antonio Hills:  Mora Heights, Ravensbury Estates, Country Club Heights, Eastbrook Acres, and the area developed following zoning ordinance and CC&Rs.

1969 the State of California amends the Subdivision Map Act, redefines building site, changed the meaning of “parcel” vs. “lot” and placed zoning in conflict with CC&Rs.

Los Altos Country Club Properties 2 & 3 were rezoned to ½ acre (largely as built out).

1978 Santa Clara County rezones ¼ acre lower area to ½ acre, grandfathered all built out parcels. This change was in response to developers dividing large parcels.

In February 1980, the members voted to revise their By-Laws, substituting a Director as “Covenant Officer” for the Property Approval Committee. The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) existing, incumbent upon most property titles are still enforceable should violations threaten damage or depreciation of adjacent property values. The Covenant Officer’s duties include advising covenanted property owners, on request, as to the protection afforded them in case near covenanted properties have existing or planned covenant violations. Copies of the covenants as well as the Association’s By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are available.

1985 Formal attempt to annex upper area to Los Altos Hills and lower area to Los Altos. Both fail by substantial margins.

1989 Directors form Legal Committee to defend CC&Rs, California Supreme Court directs that our CC&Rs continue to exist and are enforceable.

1990 Directors reinstate Approval Committee, along side of Covenant Officer.

1991 Directors interact with Santa Clara County to change development standard to 27’ height and 35% footprint.

1991 Directors discuss annexation with both Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, as to the entirety of our area to annex to either city with county zoning.

1992 Directors work with county to add Floor Area Ratio to development standards of Santa Clara County Zoning (n1).

1994 San Antonio Hills surveys area on annexation desires; number one concern is density. 31% desire Los Altos Hills, 29% prefer to remain as is and less than 25% desire Los Altos.

1999 Directors and community work with County to add underlying lots to development standards of Santa Clara County Zoning (n1).

2001-2002 Directors survey entire area to annexation of all San Antonio Hills to Los Altos Hills. 45% respond with 71% in favor and 23% oppose.

2013 Residents request a new survey.  Number 1) Result all to Los Altos Hills, 2) No annexation, 3) Split, 4) Los Altos, and 5)Incorporate ourselves.

2015 New proposal all San Antonio Hills to Los Altos Hills sphere of influence retain County zoning. No zoning changes.